Differences in Importance and Common Sense

#1  Money Issues

When you arrive you are told that you'll be getting reimbursed for your flight(s) and you will be receiving a nice little bag of settlement money.

What they don't tell you:

  1. In order to be paid legally, you must first have an Alien Registration Card. 
  2. In order to get this card you must complete and receive the results of your health check. This can take about 7dys depending.
  3. When you do apply for the ARC, that has a normal time frame of 4-6wks. Again, this is depending as it can be completed sooner.
  4. The principal must sign documents for you to become an official employee. Can take a few days, depending.

What to do to get paid sooner:
  • Try complaining. In a sweet, whiny tone like me Koreans! 
    • If your co-teacher is with you they can convey this message to the person at immigration and as they hand over your receipt, they will also give you something that has your ARC # on it. It can be presented to cell phone stores, banks and such that same day and save you from waiting almost 8weeks before you see a 백원.
  • Have a strong 아줌마 bodyguard. They will move mountains when it comes to getting paid. (Got this from a friend on FB lol)
    •  Women in Korea are the masters when it comes to money. They control household money too. Inequality has men as the victims in this aspect.
  • Phone the interpreting hot line. If your co-teacher doesn't go and immigration or the hospital doesn't speak English. Sometimes they will kindly lose to your argument...most times they won't.
#2 Yearly Schedule

Apparently you should already know the way school works here. Which days will be national holidays. Which days will be your schools personal holidays, etc.

How to get a printout that everyone else has:

  • Ask for a 교육과 시간 편성운영 계획 or 교육과 운영 일정 or better yet a 20**학년도 주요 학사 일정(안).
  • Haknyundo means yearly and Iljung means schedule so that should suffice. Of course I still gave you the first 2 titles just in case, since that was the title on my elementary schedules.

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