Thursday, June 14, 2012

Open Classssss!! #1

So some of you have heard of the infamous Open Class in Korea. This is when a few teachers, possibly parents and the vice principal or big (wo)man themselves come in and watch you teach. (With a video camera.)

It was teacher parent conference week at my middle school and i was told that every teacher must do an open class for parents at least once a year. Then they do one catered to other teachers twice a year. (This may be a new rule.)

I had to do one at one of my elems. (The good one.) My co-teacher was convinced that our 4th grade class of only 9 students would be the best to show off so I just went with it. We'd already argued so I didn't want another one.

I have been told repeatedly since the beginning of the school year that the VP hates NSETs and he wishes Korea would get rid of all of them. I've also heard plenty on the NSET that ran before me.

He came into my open class looking utterly distasteful. He sat at the back and began to read his pamphlet. I decided not to change anything that I normally do, but my co-teacher had already warned the kids. When I asked how they were (4th grade) they didn't do the normal "I'm hungry! I'm angry! Because English!!" but they did answer so that was good.

During the chant I didn't use the CD and just made up actions for them to do and they did it, slightly less enthusiastically, but they laughed.

Then I showed the crappy Story Time once and asked, "What happened? What did you hear?" The VP gave his disapproving look because he's told me before that the kids are low level and need to stick to the book. (He should have watched that class before that lecture. ugh) Anywho, to his surprise, all but one hand went up desperately wanting me to call them. They explained what they saw and heard beautifully. They also knew the moral of the story. He smiled in my class and was impressed by my students.

Then I teamed them up and had them present it. They were a little more comfy and acted with enthusiasm. Even my girl without her friend.

I apparently changed the mind of this school's VP. I tell you this because I just got a text saying he thinks I'm the best NSET ever~~!

I like kids. I feel like I have more energy than them, so that's probably why. MY kids are NOT low level. They are learning.