Thursday, July 4, 2013


My last admins were great. Never had to talk to them.

Then the tides changed and the newbie was afraid of me. 
Never greeted me, ever. Always looked in the opposite direction when passing, always.

Oh well, right? All he does is send my salary and print out a statement...

Until it was late. I had to wait two days and he was like "Sorry!" and then continued the above attitude. Oh well, he apologized and it was only once. Who cares, right?

Until he hadn't bought my materials for summer camp and had been told all about it two weeks prior and reminded on 3 occasions that I couldn't get the things in Emart, etc. And believe me I walked to (and bussed out of town) to each store to check. My coT asked him to meet with me the Friday before camp to buy things on Gmarket and he CANCELED. 

At that point, I couldn't take it anymore. You don't acknowledge my presence for five months, then are late on a payment, then refuse to help me buy my winter camp supplies?

I didn't raise my voice but I firmly cornered him in the teacher's office and went all out. I didn't care if he spoke English or not. I spoke slowly and stood in a Korean's version of personal space (meaning I burst that bubble!) and asked him at the end if he'd like to teach my students without materials.

He was then scolded by the VP who witnessed everything. VP invited me to lunch with the group to calm down and then after lunch, I didn't even wait. I brought my excel spreadsheet, logged into my own Gmarket account on his computer and forced the process. I even had the audacity at the end to demand he start greeting me.

We're cool now. We even chat sometimes in English.    7 months later, and counting, and still on good terms.