Monday, July 16, 2012

What I NEED Korea to STOP Doing to Me in Particular

Crystal Kay

#1 thing to shock me and cause me to pray: walking into my elem 1 school on the first day. Staff turns and says"...umm are you looking for your child?"

Wow madam. No blasians are running around this school right?

#2 thing that made me feel like the wind: old lady comes up and says "oh woooow are you a woman? *gropes me then says* "Oh you are a womaaan~~ you're so pretty and black!" *while petting me*

#3 thing to appall me: the same woman says "Do you have a man? *making a sign for male in Korean* "No? You need one to have babies!" 
0.0 (Let it be known that she asked the pharmacist for medicine to help me...concieve T.T I'm guessing that, but she asked for something "good for women". It's possible that I watch too many dramas.)

#4 thing to just make life awkward: co-teacher finds that I have no boyfriend in 7months yet. "Why not? I asked all the students for their brothers too! No good men in Suncheon? How old are you? Yea~~ you need to start looking~~!"

#5 thing to sadden me to no remedy: old man comes to sit at my lonely table in the middle of a half packed food court. "You live in Korea now? That's great! Did you marry a Korean?" T.T (Why is this sad? Because I wanted to say "If you're willing to let me marry {insert male celebrity} then by all means I will!!"

Junki Lee
Jisub So
Yuchun Park