Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Vacation~~~

That's right! I went to Japan for 7 whole days. And not a word from you! Seven whole nights-ah. (ok I'm done.)

I have a friend teaching English in Japan so I decided to visit her first, as she is my best friend. Living no where near Osaka; my final destination. We went to a castle and tried to be fierce Japanese empresses in the beautiful Kimono that they dressed us in. We ate at different places at random times of day and even "splurged" on some waffles and such. We did Karaoke even though most places charged a half hourly charge on top of a drink charge. And best of all, we just relaxed. No work and all play. I even brought work...and didn't do it :)  (Believe me, my mom would be proud.)

Then I left the bestie to join a friend that's teaching in Suncheon as well. We were to meet up in Osaka for the weekend. Sadly, the Japanese must not care for free wifi because not only did we both NOT want to pay roaming charges and call each other, we also both COULD NOT use our wi-fi/4g services to contact each other. It was slightly depressing but we did found each other within 3hrs and swiftly headed off for an expensive night of Okonomiyaki, bar hopping and clubbing~~. 

Actually the clubbing was not easy to judge, which made us decide on just bar hopping first. Then a simple wave of the hand brought over 2 guys that should have known better (out of our age range) to "help" us drink more and "help" us find a club. I speak Japanese but I have never had to turn down any from jump. (Love for Japanese men) So eventually, meaning I did try but failed, I just told them they could sit with us. We had a sparse discussion as my friend and I weren't feeling them and she doesn't speak Japanese and they didn't really speak English. Anyone know what to do in that situation? *Looking for hands*

In the end, we met a group of girls at the club that were mad cool. One asked me if we were feeling those guys and I said no. So when we let her know we were leaving, two of them came out with us and told the dudes to just go home. It was a bit meaner than that and possibly embarrassing for them, but hey, I tried to say no from jump!

We spent the night in a gracious capsule hotel in the heart of the busy city. I felt great because as a long term studier of Japanese, it was comforting knowing that I'd finally made it to the country. Even if it was only to vacation. 

The next day we ventured hard! Shopping districts galore, finding our hotel,  figuring out the subways and of course being fatty patties. Japanese food is quite delicious and a great change from the blandness of Kfood. I also don't eat a bunch of raw meats/fish but I made out ok in Japan~~

Of course we also toured Osaka castle, the RAMEN MUSEUM!! and more shopping districts. I honestly love the way people dress in casual wear out there. I plan to make a trip back soon 0.0 and return broke as a joke. I also want to mention that going salsa dancing at CELL in Osaka was much needed and appreciated. It was different from Korean style and I learned new things. What? You didn't know I started up salsa again? What have I been blogging about?! T.T until next time.

[P.S. Most contracts at Korean public schools give you about a week of summer vacation (7dys). I took mine all at once but realized a mistake I made. This year we have a few Red Days that I could have planned next to my vacay days, thus extending my paid vacation. Alas, my dear mind was full of GTFO of Korea and GTFI to Japan and reignite that Japanese learning passion! I did. Now I'm passing the time with lesson planning and Expo hopping.]

Most of you know this post was way late. I didn't realize I never pushed publish...sorry.